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kesha is serving 70s rock n roll realness on the cover of teen vogue 

Kesha heads to ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ on June 17, 2014.

queen kesha on her throne

How dare you Perez Hilton. How dare you. Stop acting so innocent.
Perez Hilton has
insulted kesha’s appearance many times
leaked private photos of kesha, invading her privacy
caused her to break down crying right before she was about to perform live on the xfactor
caused kesha to hallucinate from lack of sleep
ruined her relationship with some she really cared about
made fun of her sales
insulted her live performance, then praised her on his blog
claimed that gossips about other celebrities. wow
bullied her for years and then sucks up to her online, just like he does to many other celebrities
This is just some of the stuff I gathered, not including all the terrible things he has done to other celebrities. I just don’t understand how he still gets away with all of this. These things actually effect people. like ke$ha said in her song Love Into The Light, “all of the shit talk, all of the chatter cuts like a knife and kills like a dagger.”


my heart really goes out to Ke$ha because this is the first time anyone has heard of her having issues, and she’s not going to rehab for drugs or anything like that (unlike what people would assume). she’s going for an eating disorder, and the fact that someone made her, the queen of preaching fuck you to the haters, feel that low makes me upset. she’s such an amazing person, she’s not even trying to make this a big deal. go you, K$, you get that new year’s resolution.

(Source: sp00pyhoodrat)